Dr. Daniels has consistently been voted “New Jersey’s Favorite Kids’ Docs” since 2009.

Treating children is not just about medical expertise – it also requires the establishment of trust between the parent(s) and the doctor as well as between the child and the doctor. As a father of three young children, Dr. Daniels’s understanding and compassion are the bonuses to his experience, skill and attention to detail. Having built his practice solely on dedication, reputation and referrals, Dr. Daniels has become the person to call, not only for adults but the specialized treatment of children.

The medical needs of children, as it relates to plastic surgery, are not always so different from that of an adult (i.e. needing stitches or having something repaired, revised or removed). However, a child’s understanding of what needs to be done, in a given situation, is much more limited than that of an adult. Often a child is overcome by fear or emotions that interfere with treatment. Dr. Daniels is adept at keeping both children and parents calm during treatment and procedures. Dr. Daniels believes in continued follow-ups for the best possible results and is always available for questions or concerns.